Minimal Vet X-Ray Generator

The Minimal Vet X-Ray Generator  is a veterinarian X-Ray system which englobes simplicity, design and performance to satisfy professional needs. One of the main features of the system is that requires low dimensions’ spaces for its installation in any clinic.




  • 8kW
  • Inverter Frequencey : 300 kHz
  • Anode Voltage Range : 40-125kVp
  • mA Range : 5-100 mA
  • mAs Range : 0.1 -250 mAs
  • Focal Point : 0.6/2.8
  • Power Line : Single Phase 220-240V

X-Ray Unit 

Minimal Vet system includes an x-ray unit with an intuitive panel control to perform the radiographic operations. It is characterized through its low dimensions and the excellent maneuverability. Besides, the system is very flexible and depending on the professional needs, the unit Is available in two different power: 4 kW and 8 kW. The whole system has been designed to support the veterinary job during the exposition.

Longitudinal Movement

Minimal Vet incorporates innovations to improve the workflow and performance: Mechanic brake to block the longitudinal movement of the X-ray beam. Moving column in order to keep perfectly aligned the X-ray emitter operating and the cassette-holder, allowing an accurate positioning of the animal with respect to the X-ray beam.

Transversal Movement

The X-ray system also includes a mechanical brake which works just if the professional step on it, this action will release transversal movement from the floating tabletop. All this process will ensure an excellent positioning of the animal, ready for the radiographic exposition. The lack of longitudinal movement on the tabletop, which is operated by the column instead, permits a large reduction in terms of space, making Minimal Vet suitable for any clinic.